Bank Debt Restructure

  • Repayment Tenure 10 Years
  • Reduce 70% Interest & Installment
  • Cash On Hand
  • Restructure Up To RM600,000
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Our& Mission

Debt Refinancing and Debt restructuring

One Finance group is a professional bank loan consultant platform in Malaysia, we cooperate with senior bankers, accountants and lawyers, and with a team of well-trained consultants to provide you with Debt Refinancing  and Debt restructuring solutions, with more than 7 years of experience , we have successfully created cash flow Up To 18 million for 6000 customers through bank leveraged cash flow

Our mission is to provide customers with fast and effective cash flow methods, so that more Malaysians can master correct bank loan knowledge and debt management, help more people face debt and bank loan worries, and create a win-win financial solution for everyone

Our& Vision

Understand the banks’ financial planning process

To disseminate the correct knowledge on financial management, allowing more Malaysians to understand the banks’ financial planning process and debt concept, helping more debt-ridden people, and reducing the bankruptcy rate in Malaysia.

Four Benefit of the Debt Restructuring Plan


Debt restructuring plan can save more interest rates, which can reduced 3% to 5% PA, Could be reduced more than the bank credit card interest (up to 18% PA)

Reduce Monthly

Debt restructuring plan can help you reorganize the installment time, thereby reducing the monthly bank credit card/loan installment payment by as much as 70%.

Exempt from
Legal Proceedings

Debt restructuring plan protects you from any legal action by the bank, and you must follow the minimum payment required by the restructuring procedure. Actions that can be taken in bank legal proceedings include fines, blacklists, and bankruptcies.

Installment Plan

You can extend the installment payment according to your ability, and it must be an unsecured loan. (personal loan, credit card). Failure to pay in future will result in direct losses to the bank because they cannot take over your assets.

Reduce Monthly Repayment 70%

This plan is a restructuring plan for credit cards and personal loans to reduce our burden.

For example, you have multiple credit cards and personal loans that need to be paid or cannot be repaid. Then this restructuring plan can help you reduce your MONTHLY REPAYMENT BY UP TO 70%. Besides, as the restructuring plan progress, we can convert you interest rate from 18%(PA) to 3-5%(PA). After joining the debt restructuring plan, you no longer have to worry about the bank, because they could not

Collect Debts

Penalty Fees



*As long as you implement minimum payment required by the debt restructuring plan.

Bank Debt Restructure Installment

Amount Interest Tenure Installment
RM100,000 2.75% 120months RM1062
RM200,000 2.75% 120months RM2125
RM300,000 2.75% 120months RM3187
RM400,000 2.75% 120months RM4250
RM500,000 2.75% 120months RM5312

Who is Suitable Debt Refinancing & Debt Restructuring ?

Reduce Monthly Repayment

Settle High Commitment & Bank Debt

Cash On Hand From Bank

Settle CCRIS/CTOS problems

Settle AKPK & SAA

Blacklisted by the Bank

Insufficient supporting documents