About Us

Professional Bank Outsources Agency

One Financing Agency will customize your Financial needs with a seamless experience that will improve your customers’ Financial Freedom. You tell us how you envision the future of your Financial , and we’ll build the perfect solution for you!

ONE Financing Group

Our Mission

One Finance group is a professional bank loan consultant platform in Malaysia, we cooperate with senior bankers, accountants and lawyers, and with a team of well-trained consultants to provide you with Debt Refinancing  and Debt restructuring solutions, with more than 7 years of experience , we have successfully created cash flow Up To 18 million for 6000 customers through bank leveraged cash flow

Our mission is to provide customers with fast and effective cash flow methods, so that more Malaysians can master correct bank loan knowledge and debt management, help more people face debt and bank loan worries, and create a win-win financial solution for everyone

Our Vision

To disseminate the correct knowledge on financial management, allowing more Malaysians to understand the banks’ financial planning process and debt concept, helping more debt-ridden people, and reducing the bankruptcy rate in Malaysia

Who We Are & What We Represent

Financial Success is the key to mobility but unfortunately, millions of people struggle to get into such Success or happen to be overleveraged due to financial constraints.

But we, at One Financial Advisory Group are tackling this long ongoing issue by working together with Bank Organizations from all over Malaysia to provide an innovative and flexible financial Plan for our clients from all around Malaysia

We’re not merely just Financial Consultants — Our Main & True Goal is to assist our clients to set them up for Financial Success,Promote Growth In Passion, knowledge and Wealth

Over  12 Years Of Experience In the Financial Field,
We have Achieved


Debt Consolidation


Bank Loan Approval


Success Case

How Is Works

1. Customers Reach Out

Whether it's an enquiry or request for an in-depth consultation, you can reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, Message, or even a call.

2. Let's Meet Up

Our financial consultants will try their best to make an appointment for face-to-face meeting so that they can understand your financial needs better whilst offering an overview of the prospective alternatives as well as outcomes.

3. Proposal

Upon completion of the in-depth interview and analysis, our financial consultant will begin to construct a proposal that includes the best solution which may comprise of existing bank products to suit your personal needs. The process of negotiation, consideration and elimination will take place here, involving input from the client's end.

4. Submission

Upon agreement of the proposed solutions and goals, our financial consultant will help the client to submit the application of the selected solution (along with applicable documents) to the respective banks/institutions.

5. Approval

As soon as the solution is approved, the client can start enjoying lower interest rates for their loans and aim towards achieving a debt-free status within the desired time frame. On top of that, they can even plan their other financial goals with the help of our financial consultants too!.