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Facing Bank Loan Rejection Problems Because of High commitment & Debt Issue ?

Apply Bank Loan without Any Document & CCRIS CTOS ISSUE ?

We Are Here For you managing bank loans, portfolio management, and Debt Free Program Also proven track record in dealing with more than 10 financial institutions, we have the requisite experience needed to customise bespoke financial solutions tailored to your every needs

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Personal Loan

Loan Amount Up To RM400,000 interest As Low As 2.45% Annual

Debt Free Program

Settlement All Your the Credit Card Outstanding & CCRIS CTOS BLACKLIST issue

Portfolio management

You tell us how you envision the future of your Financial , and we’ll build the perfect solution for you!


We will tailor a suitable solution for Base on Your Financial Needs.

Why Choose Us?

Debt Management

“Debt Free Program” bank debt management – Bank loan will be restructured to ensure affordable repayments. Our easy on debt management system helps you lower interest rates and pay off your bank debts on affordable terms.

Portfolio management

After resolving your debts, you will enter the “personal credit rating management” stage (Portfolio management) to help you optimize your personal credit rating and rating scores and make full preparation so that you can borrow from banks at any time.

Bank Loan Consultancy

Once your personal or SME bank loan has been reinforced and optimized, our financial consultants will do the following 2 things based on your financial situation and insight on the purpose of your loan.

Problems and Solutions

What about if I'm facing High Commitment Issues and High Credit Card Outstanding Debts
Is There Any Possibility For Me to Apply For A Bank Loan Application?

Absolutely Yes. We are able to help and assist you with the loan application. And how we'll do it, is by assisting our clients in performing full debt settlement on their current existing commitments such as, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, PTPTN & etc. We also welcome any submissions to our Debt Consolidation Plan, targeted to reduce a client's Monthly Commitment amount.

If I Face Blacklisted, CTOS & Late Payment Issues, Am I Still Eligible To Apply For A Bank Loan Application?

Definitely Yes. One of the many solutions that we at, Unique Financial Advisory will proceed with is by, reviewing & analyzing our client's entire current financial situation to find the cause of the issue, and perform what's called an "Bad Debt Settlement". Once completed, we'll proceed with submission directly with our Bank Associates

If I am a Business Owner, but Rejected Due To Lacking Any EPF Documentation Or Any EPF Income. Will I Be Able To Apply?

Quite Possible Yes. One of our specialised solutions is to provide Documentation Assistance in regards to our client's situation. Type of Assistance may vary depending on the circumstances that our clients are in. 

If I'm Interested But Unable To Apply Due To Low Salary Income, Would It Be Possible For Me To Apply For a Bank Loan Application?

Yes, No Worries. Another one of our specialised solutions is to provide essential & necessary funding assets to build up our client's Financial Profile for a certain period of time. As such once built up, the clients will be able to apply for any sorts of Credit Applications without any difficulties. We'll be able to ensure and guarantee an Approval Rate Unlike No Other.