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One Finance Banking

One Financing Agency will customize your Financial needs with a seamless experience that will improve your customers’ Financial Needs. You tell us how you envision the future of your Financial , and we’ll build the perfect solution for you

ONE Financing Group

One Financing Advisory Group is a professional Bank Outsources Agency in Malaysia. We were founded in 2010 by a group of experienced and competent bankers, accountants, lawyers and entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

We are a one-stop financial platform agency specialist in managing bank loans, portfolio management, and Debt Free Program Also proven track record in dealing with more than 10 financial institutions, we have the requisite experience needed to customise bespoke financial solutions tailored to your every needs.

Financial Freedom Is Our priority

Who We Are & What We Represent

Financial Freedom is the key to mobility but unfortunately, millions of people struggle to get into such Freedom or happen to be Blacklisted due to financial constraints.

But we, at One Financial Advisory Group are tackling this long ongoing issue by working together with Bank Organizations from all over Malaysia to provide an innovative and flexible financial freedom for our clients from all around Malaysia

We’re not merely just Financial Consultants — Our Main & True Goal is to assist our clients to set them up for Financial Success, Low Interest Pay and lastly, Fully Debt Free

Over  12 Years Of Experience In the Financial Field,
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Why Choose Us

Debt Management

“Debt Free Program” bank debt management – Bank loan will be restructured to ensure affordable repayments. Our easy on debt management system helps you lower interest rates and pay off your bank debts on affordable terms.

Portfolio management

After resolving your debts, you will enter the “personal credit rating management” stage (Portfolio management) to help you optimize your personal credit rating and rating scores and make full preparation so that you can borrow from banks at any time.

Bank Loan Consultancy

Once your personal or SME bank loan has been reinforced and optimized, our financial consultants will do the following 2 things based on your financial situation and insight on the purpose of your loan.

Debt Refinancing

Debt refinancing is the replacement of an existing debt by means of another debt with terms and/or conditions that are more favorable. In other words, debt refinancing refers to the replacement of existing debt with new debt .That is fast and effective cash flow methods

Our Partner

Our Services


If you plan to buy your own home for yourself and your family but worried about the problem of bank mortgages. We will provide you with a professional plan. Let you quickly get a bank home loan at the bank.。


You have multiple houses. You can mortgage your home in exchange for cash to solve financial problems. Let you know more about the benefits and efficient solutions of mortgaged homes


Are you experiencing a cash flow problem? Personal loans will be your best choice whether you are in business or private issues, etc. Let us help you get a personal loan at the bank quickly. Solve your current financial situation.


If you are looking forward to expanding your business model, then you need a good business loan plan. High amount of loans to banks through your company business model and solve the funding problem.


Have you encountered a huge bank debt problem that prevents you from repaying high interest rates? Debt restructuring can save you more money and pay back the minimum interest per month to reduce your burden for up to 10 years. If you have a card debt, a personal loan, car loan issue, welcome to learn more!


You are planning to own a car but bank request you to pay a high down payment or ask for more. Let us help you take advantage of the easier way to make it easy for you to get bank car loan.